About Us

We operate a large network of condominium websites and individual Facebook pages for most of the condos on the Alabama Gulf Coast and Northwest Florida Gulf Coast. This network not only allows us to help our Buyers and Sellers, but also our Investors.

First, our sellers get the best online exposure possible – CondoInvestment.com ranks #1 for sales searches for almost every condo.  For example, anyone looking for a condo for sale in the Enclave, will see our Enclave sales page at the very top of Google’s search results;  this #1 spot commands 2/3 of all traffic. Our client’s new condo is added to our network;  on average, this network has increased annual revenue by 10%.  Our Facebook network allows us to directly engage our target markets and help with sharing new listings, last minute bookings and up-to-date reviews and property info.

Looking for Real Estate Sales? Mike Cranston (251) 504-1121  has been a full-time real estate agent since 2000; specializing in condo sales.  Mike also owns several gulf front investment condos, has a background in accounting and uses this experience to help clients maximize their investments; through tax depreciation, revenue supplementation and proper setup. Email Mike or for more info on Mike, find his bio on CondoInvestment.com/Mike-Cranston

Have questions on the marketing side? Rachel Kelly (251) 273-2776 is the team’s marketing specialist and works closely with Mike.  She manages content on CondoInvestment.com and helps users with questions regarding condo listings and rentals. Rachel is a Baldwin County native with local knowledge of real estate and can answer general questions regarding condos sales, showing requests, and rental inquiries. She’s familiar with everything going on and does a little bit of everything, from helping clients to web design, drone photography, blogging, and search engine marketing.  Email Rachel